When is Ramadan?

Ask Allah and He gives you. Forgiveness. Paradise. What you wish for. Inshallah.

Your wishes have time - until Id. Ramadan 2018 will end on 14/06/2018, in:

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When is Ramadan and what is it actually?

Ramadan is the holy month in Islam and consists of fasting, prayer and Zakatul-Fitr. Ramadan is fasting. Ramadan is special because of the Lailatul-Qadr or "Night of Destiny", the Zakatul-Fitr, the contribution to the poor at the end of the month, and the celebration, also known as Bayram or Id. Ramadan is also a good time to pay the zakat. Iftar, the time when to break the daily fast, is at sunset at the end of a fast day. The Imsakiye is a Ramadan calendar, where you can look up the Iftar times. In Ramadan we Muslims pray increasingly, for example the Tarawih prayer (Teravih), or we recite Duas, petitionary prayers.

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